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Wildfacts on WildSingapore website 5 Nov 2008

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A massive flood of information on marine critters on the WildSingapore website. A must read, see what Ria has to say about developing the site, then go take a look at the site itself and offer your suggestions on how it can be improved.

Well done and congrats, Ria!!

Good (G)reef celebrations!! 18 Sep 2008

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Shamelessly plagiarising from Charlie Brown, it was a good event Saturday, in which more than 400 people (adults and children) participated. The talks were all well presented (I thought this was my best talk to date), and covered a wide range of volunteer effort. So much so that our special guests, the crew from the Planetary Coral Reef Foundation ship SV Infinity, were suitably impressed with the enthusiasm and hard work put in by everyone there.

Aside from the interaction with visitors to our booths, I also learned several somethings new today from the conservation and IT guru, Siva – like how to use Twitter, and linking it to my Facebook account; and how to use forms in Google Documents. Siva also introduced me to Posterous, a new blog that accepts email and converts it to a blog entry automatically.

I’m not sure if this old dinosaur wants to be *so* connected … but it was interesting to finally know how to do the stuff that I’d been having difficulty with (like Google Documents). Was a most productive 45mins on the computer next to Siva, before getting back into the fray of the event.

By the end of the day, I was exhausted – my back and feet ached, I was hungry and a headache was starting to build up (probably from not drinking enough water, despite the 4 cans of 100plus, pilfered from Ria’s stash for volunteers).

The dismantling of the hall was much much faster (30-45 minutes) than the setting up (3-4 hours) – it always amazes me how much easier it is to “destroy” something than it is to build it up.

All in all, a good dive … er, I mean … day.

Other resources:
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My Flickr photos of the event

My own blog!! 26 Sep 2006

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Well well, my own blog space in wordpress.com. Thanks to Abby who recommended this blog site to me. It seems easier to use than blogger.com, but then again, I haven’t really blogged anywhere else.

Ok, the plan is for me to write down as much that I can remember about my diving experiences, spice it with some of my photos, for my friends and the whole world in general to read.

Hopefully this will work out better than my previous attempt to write a blog on blogger.com 🙂

Cheers for now.