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More TLC food! 18 Sep 2008

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Another round of cooking, which turned out pretty well.

The chef, with her handiwork.

The spread included sausages (from Australia), Turkish bread (also bought in Australia) with garlic spread, salad (from NTUC) with a Japanese cream sauce, cumin-laced goat cheese from The Netherlands, asparagus in crispy bacon, stringy mushrooms in crispy bacon, and a bottle of Choya.

I, as usual, applied my big mouth to the delicious food 😛 😀

TLC food 3 Aug 2008

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We decided to cook today, and have a bottle of wine to go with the meal.

Eunice quickly whipped the food into shape …..

The fooood! The yummy sausages were from New Zealand.

…. including the leek omelette, which was derived from what I call the “leek saber”.

The leek saber!

My contribution to the meal was selecting, and opening, this heavenly sweet Riesling from the Pfalz region in Germany.

The wine!

A closer look at the label on the wine bottle.

We loved the combination of salty and sweet, and especially the wine! So, Eunice dug up a wine book and we found out that Pfalz is a region in southern Germany, near Alsace of France. It was a Spatlese Riesling, which meant that it was a moderately sweet wine.

Tasting the wine and reading about it made wonder how sweet the other categories were – but then again this bottle was from 2002, so maybe the sweetness increased?