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The origin of the name “Lazarus” Island? 23 Oct 2008

Posted by cat64fish in Land-lubber stories.
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I tried to compile a list of Singapore island names and their meanings and origins a while ago, and recently (20 Oct 08), I received an email from a Harold Somers from the UK, who recited this piece of family history:

Quote from Harold’s email:
Hi, do you have any idea when Lazarus Island actually got its English name?
I came across your posting from 2005 while searching for some information about my great-uncle Lazarus Rayman. There is a family story as follows.

“Uncle Laz was a diplomat in Singapore who was credited by the locals with saving their gold reserves from the Japanese by moving them before the invasion. He was then incarcerated in Changi where prisoners were severely maltreated and that ruined his health leading to his eventual death in England at the age of 57. He was commemorated in Singapore by a portrait (of which I have a print) that was hung in the consulate for many years and through a small park/garden that was consecrated in his name.”

OK, a small park/garden is not the same as an island, but I cant find any mention (on the web) of a Lazarus Park or Rayman Park in Singapore.

Harold Somers

I don’t know (and neither does Harold) if this is the basis for the name of Lazarus Island .. anyone out there who knows?