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A short story of Semakau on POSKOD.SG 22 Dec 2011

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Marcus wrote a very interesting article on Semakau on POSKOD.SG.

More information on Semakau can be found here:

TeamSeagrass, who two survey seagrass sites on Semakau.
Blue Water Volunteers, who survey two coral reef sites at Semakau.
WildSingapore has a bunch of stuff on Semakau too!
Project Semakau also has many interesting stories to share.

The Mistress and the Master 20 May 2011

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I realised I did not post about a visit by Jill and Brian Mayes to Singapore in December last year. It was nice to finally meet them after a long time viewing just their images on Flickr. Jill is a-Mayes-ing at spotting things, and thankfully Brian is a-Mayes-ing at photographing them (because Jill dislikes photography). Here are some photos from their trip – who would guess that these photos were taken in murky Singapore water?!

Jill, Brian, Eunice and me on our first day of diving at Hantu

Eager divers
Jill, Brian and me on our second dive trip during their stop-over in Singapore