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Angelfishes of Singapore 23 Aug 2012

Posted by cat64fish in Tales from the N2 bar.

Singapore has four species of angelfish that I know of:

1. Chaetodontoplus mesoleucus (Vermiculated Angelfish)
Photo by Khoo Minsheng

A common fish on our reefs; not abundant, but usually a pair can be seen on a dive. Commonly mistaken for a butterflyfish.

2. Pomacanthus annularis (Blue Ring Angelfish)
Not commonly seen on a reef; there used to be one resident at the artificial reefs I studied off Pulau Hantu. Adults have a distinctly white tail and blue diagonal stripes; juveniles have alternating iridescent light blue and dark stripes.

3. Pomacanthus imperator (Emperor Angelfish)
Photo not taken in Singapore!

Only seen once before at an artificial reef site off Pulau Hantu.

4. Pomacanthus sexstriatus (Six-barred Angelfish)

Not so common on our reefs, but exciting to see them when they appear. Typically wary of divers, they will stay out in the open and eye-ball you if you keep calm and keep your distance.

Anyone know of more?

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