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Rabbitfishes of Singapore 16 Sep 2011

Posted by cat64fish in Tales from the N2 bar.

What kinds of rabbitfish do we have in Singapore? There are five species that I know of:

1. Siganus canaliculatus (White-spotted Spinefoot), a common species that seems to be seasonal; particularly abundant around year’s end. Found in the waters around Ubin and, in this case, at Cyrene Reef flat.

2. Siganus guttatus (Gold-lined Spinefoot) , a common reef species. I have photos from my old artificial site, but none digital, yet.

3. Siganus javus (Streaked Spinefoot), another common reef species, although it has been caught off Ubin before.

4. Signaus virgatus (Bar-head Spinefoot), a rare species, so far only seen around Pulau Satumu.
Taken at Pulau Satumu in Dec 2010.

5. Siganus vulpinus (Fox-face Rabbitfish), a very rare species. Seen once from the jetty at Pulau Satumu, on a day with very clear water. No image.



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