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Dubai – buy buy buy buy! 16 Jul 2010

Posted by cat64fish in Land-lubber stories.

On my way back from Nairobi, I stopped over at Dubai for a short visit. Eunice was also there (by chance), so it was a good chance for her to show me around the city.

It was a huge change in weather – from 20+ degC in Nairobi to a sweltering 38-40 degC in Dubai. And it was blindingly bright too. I stayed at the Traders Hotel, which is a smallish business hotel – really nice both inside and out.

The lobby of the Traders Hotel.

Just across from the road was Annapoorna Restaurant, which served great (north) Indian food at very reasonable prices (by Dubai’s standards). The set lunch was only US12; with the usual top-ups of the side dishes and rich and papadums. The lassi was first class! Sweet and tasty, unlike some of the not-so-good stuff we get back home.

Eunice going crazy over food … what else is new?

Having only 2 days here, and it being over the weekend, there wasn’t much we could do about the sights that were closed for the weekend, or were too far away. So what did we do? We went shopping, of course!

Dubai Mall is a huge! Maybe 2-3 times larger than Millennia in Singapore. It houses 22 cinemas on 3 levels, an aquarium, over 1200 shops, a huge lake with musical fountain display, and one of the crown jewels of the city – Burj Khalifa (formerly Burj Dubai; it was renamed at its inauguration on 4 Jan 2010), which at 828m, is the tallest building in the world.

The aquarium
The entrance to the tunnel of the aquarium.


The freshwater exhibits.

The Mall
One thousand two hundred and seven and counting, was what the lady at the information counter told us … Amazing!

The cinema complex
Twenty-two cinemas on three levels … Fwah!

The Burj
The tallest building in the world .. need I say more?

The next day, we headed out to a favourite shop of air crew the world over: Choc and Nuts on … Street. A small shop around the corner from the … Hotel, it is chockablock of nuts, dates, figs and other Middle-eastern sweets. We literally went nuts and bought up about US100 worth of bite-sized yumminess.

Mr Jaffar, the manager of Choc and Nuts.

Then, we went down the street to try the chicken tikka at the Chicken Tikka Inn. I’ve never had chicken tikka so juicy and tender before! And for a damned reasonable price too!

The monster eats!

The bill for lunch :D!



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