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Mega Marine Survey of Singapore 9 Jul 2010

Posted by cat64fish in Land-lubber stories.

Straits Times reported on the up-coming marine life of Singapore survey today. WildSingapore already has a logo on their Flickr page.

Conceptually, I would have liked to include fish and corals .. maybe some mangroves and mud-splattered humans, and green, grassy seagrass … not too much to ask, eh? 😛

More internet resources should be coming up in the next few days, hopefully. In the meantime, if you are interested in volunteering for this survey (either in terms of your blood sweat and tears, or money, or both), you can contact Ria at hello@wildsingapore.com.

Now, where did I put those goggles of mine?

*Update: WildSingapore has something more about the survey.



1. ria - 9 Jul 2010

Haha, thanks for the encouragement Jeff. I did the logo at 1am last night after a very long day. Maybe we can have different logos later on with everyone’s favourite marine creatures 🙂 I’m really looking forward to the surveys!

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