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Indo-Pacific Coral Finder 1 Apr 2010

Posted by cat64fish in Land-lubber stories.

Wow. Something many have said needs to be done … Indo-Pacific Coral Finder … is done! It looks great, although the price is a bit steep, compared to my own free-to-air coral genus search on Flickr. I’m sure it’ll be a hit.



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2. downunderdiver - 2 Apr 2010

i suppose the Indo Pacific Coral Finder – http://www.byoguides.com – is all about taking it underwater

did u see their support site http://www.coralhub.info ?

the Coral Finder seems to be very comprehensive in the way it tracks shapes and forms

still “free on flicker” is free – these two tools would work great together!

3. cat64fish - 3 Apr 2010

True enough! Thanks for your comments 🙂

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