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Sneaky guitar ray 3 Feb 2009

Posted by cat64fish in Tales from the N2 bar.
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Inspired by Southern Fried Science, I thought I’d post some of my “shark” shots. Here’s a funny one.

Guitar ray!!

I was on a live aboard to 7 Skies wreck and we had stopped by Kuantan Wreck. A couple of divers who had been here before were eager to be the first in the water to catch sight of a guitar ray, which they claimed would be scared away by the crowd of divers if they didn’t get in first. So off they went, with my following leisurely behind. And Lo! there was the guitar ray, which was hiding in a crevice in the wreck, that the first two did not see! As it streaked out of it hidey hole, I managed to snap one picture (on my trusty point-and-shoot Canon S50) of it sneaking past the divers in front 🙂



1. Aud - 3 Jun 2009

Hi, Just wondering when the photo of the Guitar Shark was taken? We were at Kuantan Wreck 2 weeks back, middish May 09, but there was no sign of the guitar shark nor the leopard sharks that used to be there. Thanks 🙂

2. cat64fish - 3 Jun 2009

I should have indicated the date this photo was taken in my post .. it was in 2003.

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